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Gold and Quartz fake gold nuggets.

There are bunches of these around as well. These are considered the worst of the fakes and easiest to spot, the reason for that is because they are a pathetic attempt at making a natural nugget by putting chips of quartz and other rocks in the gold. They are BLATANTLY OBVIOUS fake gold nuggets. These nuggets were all bought online in 2002 by some unfortunate people, they were sent to me to verify and test. 

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Safely buy gold, avoid fake gold nuggets.The reason I make that statement in my heading above is because there are quite a few people who buy gold nuggets on Ebay or other sources and in turn are re-selling them, and they may not know that they in fact are selling man made fake gold nuggets. The nuggets have been represented as genuine nuggets, and therefore the re-seller is just passing it on.
Lets now look at some evidence of a common type of fake gold nugget in circulation. A lot of you guys should recognize this type of gold nugget. There was a plethora of these sold on Ebay in 2001. Myself and 1 other Ebay seller estimate approximately 50,000 grams of this stuff is floating around. Most of it was bought, and is being re-sold by people who thought they were getting a good deal. Look at the pictures below and see if it was such a good deal.

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