Another bad day in the  world of stacking Silver. A friend of mine called me and I drove over to his house. He showed me his new silver bars that he had bought from eBay. Right away something inside me screamed out Oh-No. Why, because he told me that he paid under spot for them. This should be a red flag. No-One will sell their Precious Metals under Spot Price. It just doesn't happen. So I took out my home made Kit which consists of Digital Scale, Magnifying Glass, Outside Micrometer, 300 mm Ruler & a Earth Magnet. Also I just added the Sunshine Decode Card. When I Weighed his first bar it came to 28.8 Grams. Uh-Oh, it should weigh 31.1 Grams. Remember a Troy OZ is 31.1 Grams. After looking at his order I did notice that he had bought what is called German-Silver. German Silver has No Silver in it, it consists of Copper, Zinc and Nickel. My poor friend asked me how do I test for Silver and What do I look for? So I told him the first thing to do is to make a kit like mine. Most people will say "You forgot about the acid's in your kit!". I do not use Acid because if the top layer is silver then it shows that it is silver. You must file into the bar or coin to see if the inside is silver. Once you do that, I believe you ruin the bar or coin. Not something you want to do if it is a real nice bar or coin.

Let's start with the million dollar question. How can I make money? and Why should I buy Silver? Everyone has a job, or at least had a job. Everyone should think about their future. Whether you want a good nest  egg for yourself, or your putting money away for your kids college fund. I like to think about all the different types of ways to invest My hard earned dollars. I had the typical 401K, when I lost my job I lost half of the 401K when I had to cash out. Sure I could of moved it, but like so many other Americans it was a hard time for me. So I cashed out to pay bills. That way I still had electric and still have my house.

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