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-  The identification of noble metals with Stannous Chloride - Arik Lin, Ph.D. & Sam, Gold-N-Scrap (E-Booklet)

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When examining a Gold piece of KARAT jewelry, somtimes looking and identifying the gold jewelry Hallmarks is not enough. For this reason we have the Gold Acid Testing Kits with us at all times when buying gold.
So... how does it work?
Gold Testing Kits includes test solutions for different KARAT jewelry, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K and somtimes also includes test solutions for Silver and Platinum and test fingers/needles rated with the different karatage and used for control.

Gold-N-Scrap - a totally free, informative website containing videos, guides, tutorials and lots of added info.

What motivated us in establishing this repository of e-scrap refining info was two-fold.     Firstly - to impart some of our not-inconsiderable scrap recoveryknowledge in the hopes of preventing people who are new to this field-of-endeavourfrom getting ripped off by various less-than-adequate "get-rich-quick" schemes. We need to temper our enthusiasm or similarly bolster our enthusiasm with good reliable info. Something we've come to appreciate as presently not available online. Drips and drabs - as it were - of refining info can more-often-than-not lead to less-than-optimal recovery and has the obvious potential for increasing the likelihood of a toxic disaster of a chemically-hazardous situation.

Whether it's e-scrap, prospecting and mineral returns, scrap jewelry or any of a multitude of precious metals primary / secondary sources. Let's get down to business. Let's fireup the MAPP : )

We'd like to suggest Gold-N-Scrap as also containing useful / valuable info for the seasoned scrapper/refiner/prospector. We think you'll agree!

We hope you find what you're after - whether you're a beginner or an advanced "user" we'd like you to climb aboard and make meaningful contributions to this discussion forum and likewise we intend to do the same.

We try and ensure our tutorials meet your expectations for reliable, easily-understand, readily-followed instruction. This we achieve through expert consultation - rest assured: these are tried-and-tested techniques, protocols andstrategies.

Gold-N-Scrap established and managed by Sam, a small-scale e-scrapper with considerable hands-on experience. This, in addition to being an accredited jewelry refiner located and operating out of sunny Israel.

Sam is always available to chat and answer questions at the Gold Refining Forum or at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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